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Sixth Day: 2M! (Mosque and Museum)

May, 18th, 2012

This was my sixth day in London. I visited the biggest mosque in London and British Museum in Great Russel Street.

Thank God It’s Friday! Just like previous day, I had 2 classes today, so I planned to travel around London again after the class, hahaha. The classes today were great and in the second class, we were asked to use Ipad, this was such my first time using this kind of gadget :p We were asked to find another mysterious story from our own country, and then telling it to friends in group. In this activity, I was in a group with Bea from Spain and Maliq from France. We told the story to one another.

Since it was Friday, I planned to find a mosque in London. I thought that there would be lots of Moslems because we had Jumah Shalat at Friday. The mosque I wanted to visit was East London Mosque, the biggest mosque in London. I went there by London Underground and alighted at Whitechapel Station. After that I walked along the street which was crowded with many kiosks and Moslem people.

ImageImageFinally, I got the mosque, it is very big and great. I love this mosque so much.


This was lunch time and I was hungry too. Therefore, I went to a restaurant near the mosque, it was a fastfood restaurant which serves kinds of fried chicken and French fries. Whooa I was full although I just ate a plate of friench fries and a fried chicken leg. After having lunch, I had my Dhuhr prayer at the mosque.


The next destination was the British Museum. I went there by London Underground. This is a free museum, so we do not need to spend money to enjoy the greatness of this museum. There were many people here, visiting the museum. In British Museum, we could see lots of sculptures from all over the world especially in ancient times, for example in Mesopotamia. I also took some photos of the statues and the museum. 


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